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Shaping a sustainable future

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Industrial innovation since 1848

Bonheur at the forefront

Building on 175 years of experience with wind, floating structures and various marine and other operations, Bonheur is today invested in a diversified set of business segments through operating subsidiaries dedicated to innovation and excellence in operation.

Bonheur has focused its energy-related investments on renewable energy and has developed a strong eco-system of renewable energy related companies. Bonheur’s first renewable energy investment was made in 1996 and today, through subsidiaries, it owns (partly or in whole) a substantial portfolio of both operating wind farms and development projects mainly located in  the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Ireland.

Capitalizing on its vast experience from diversified marine operations and renewable energy, Bonheur’s activities have in later years expanded further into the offshore wind service industry where they through operating subsidiaries provide transportation, installation and maintenance services related to offshore wind turbines.

The latest activities are developments within technology and innovation in renewables aimed at developing cost-saving and efficient solutions to the industry’s challenges, as well as pursuing investment opportunities to strengthen existing businesses and expanding into new, but still related, business areas.

The cruise segment is offering an award-winning product with ships that are known as the friendliest fleet afloat.

Other investments include media and marketing covering publications and PR software services.


Industrial long-term investor

Originating from 1848, established in 1897 and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange since 1920, Bonheur has a unique track record as an industrial long-term investor.

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Commitment to sustainability

Bonheur has a strong commitment towards integrating sustainability and social responsibility into its businesses, as this forms the base of a sound long-term business model and supports the decarbonisation of society and reduce the environmental footprint in our activities.

Read the latest Bonheur sustainability report

The Company was a pioneer in recognising the need to develop renewable energy sources and has for more than 25 years established numerous companies within the renewable energy sector, covering the entire value chain from developing to constructing and operating onshore windfarms as well as installation and service of both onshore and offshore windfarms.

Building on maritime and energy competence developed continuously since 1848, Bonheur has a unique track record of transformation and venturing into a variety of new industries.

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Bonheur's main investments

The main investments are within the following business segments Renewable EnergyWind Service, Cruise and Other Investments.

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