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Commitment to sustainability

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Bonheur has a strong commitment towards integrating sustainability and social responsibility into its businesses, as this forms the base of a sound long-term business model and supports the journey towards decarbonization of society and minimizing environmental footprints.

Accordingly, Bonheurs is constantly pursuing new and innovative ways to reduce environmental impacts and promote sustainability. This include Bonheur’s operating subsidiaries sourcing materials and components from suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability, as well as investing in renewable energy technologies - like floating wind and solar energy - that are positive for the environment.

Bonheur has been a pioneer in recognizing the need to develop renewable energy sources and has for more than  25 years established numerous companies within the renewable energy sector. These companies together cover the entire value chain from developing to constructing and in turn operating onshore windfarms, as well as the installation and service of both onshore and offshore windfarms. This process continues through further improvement of existing operations, development of new technologies and new investments with strong focus on long-term sustainability. Examples of the latter are moving into the area of construction and operation of offshore wind farms and development of floating solar projects, innovative fabrication solutions as well as other new and related technologies.

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Sustainability reporting

Bonheur’s sustainability report describes how the Company govern different sustainability factors and the Group of companies’ consolidated footprint and. The report explain how Bonheur is governed, transparency and it shows that the Group of companies in sum has a significantly positive CO2 footprint. 

Furthermore, the report elaborates on the Green Finance Framework and describes the human resources of the Group of companies, which strives to provide a good and safe working environment, equal opportunities without any discrimination and compliance to all relevant codes of conduct and anti-corruption policies.

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Bonheur is focusing on continuously refining its governance framework in recognition of this being a contributor towards creating long term added value as well as delivering the responsibilities owed to society. Significant parameters in this process are transparency, integrity and responsibility.

These basic parameters also reflect the Company's value base, while they also serve as overriding ethical guidelines governing the responsibility towards society as well as the Bonheur group of companies' conduct in general.