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The  operation of Bonheur has for decades been performed by Fred. Olsen & Co. AS, a management company where Anette Sofie Olsen holds the position as CEO of Bonheur.

Fred. Olsen & Co. has in addition also been engaged in the provision of professional services to other compa­nies and investment funds. Today, Fred. Olsen & Co., in addition to being in charge of the operation of Bonheur, provides a variety of professional consultancy servic­es such as administrative-, financial-, legal-, IT-, property management- and HR services to predominantly subsidiaries of Bonheur en­gaged within the various business segments in which Bonheur is invested.

The origin of Fred. Olsen & Co. dates back to 1848. Whilst some Fred. Olsen-related ac­tivities come from investments initiated by Bonheur, others are and remain private - but they all stem from the initial private entrepreneurship back in 1848.